This new battery could arrive soon and revolutionize the life of our phones
October 13, 2023

This new battery could arrive soon and revolutionize the life of our phones

There are thousands of tips for charging your phone faster or making your battery last much longer than usual. And more often than not, whether we have a high-end or low-end cell phone, the fight against battery is pretty much a losing battle. Furthermore, the more power our phones have, the more difficult it will be to counteract their consumption, therefore, if we ask for pure power, we must also take into account that the efficiency will not be the same.

For this reason many researchers are working on the creation of a new battery capable of replacing classic lithium ion batteries. Currently, one of the most interesting alternatives is sodium ion and now an important and promising step has been taken to solve these problems.

There are different types of batteries in the world. For example, the Honor Magic V2 uses a silicon-carbon battery that has a higher density than traditional lithium-ion batteries. In this case the sodium ion battery is much heavier and larger than the one produced by the Chinese brand, so it has not been tested on mobile phones at the moment, but the fact is that its density of 160 watts per kilogram is truly impressive .

In fact, the progress made by Altris and Northvolt is so amazing that, as shown in The energy environment, we will experience a revolutionary and successful concept that will begin mass production soon. Largely due to its simple properties.

Producing this type of battery is much simpler than traditional batteries. This is largely due to the fact that the components are easier to obtain and less toxic, which significantly reduces complexity when implementing the large-scale manufacturing process.

And despite all this, we are faced with a very interesting milestone. Traditional batteries no longer meet our needs due to their limitations. High-end phones have increasingly worse battery performance, precisely because the only solution is to make them bigger, but this affects the weight of the product. On the other hand, this battery is very dense, which allows it to be very successfully applied in small spaces.

For now it will be used to store energy, but it will probably soon end up in electric cars and maybe even mobile phones. So it’s something that will be greatly appreciated in the future. Especially if we take into account that it has a very low environmental impact and there is no shortage of materials for its construction.

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