There are millions of minors using Instagram and Meta doesn’t want the world to know
November 6, 2023

There are millions of minors using Instagram and Meta doesn’t want the world to know

Millions of minors use Instagram every day and this open secret is one of their biggest problems according to Meta. The social network’s minimum age for using photos and videos is 13, which is very lenient in its age verification system and allows the platform to continue accumulating minors among its users.

Meta knows very well the problem they will face if they don’t put an end to these personal accounts of minors on Instagram, but the focus of Mark Zuckerberg’s company is to try to hide this information from the supervisory bodies, and thus try to free themselves from the consequences of his actions; We expect this did not work.

The lawsuit, signed by 33 attorneys general from several US states, revealed how Meta hides this information from the rest of the world, exploiting data provided by children under 13 when doing so is completely illegal.

Despite repeated complaints about the presence of minors on Instagram, Meta has only deleted a third of these accounts. The rest of the personal accounts remain active on the platform and feed company information.

Email addresses, locations, names and all kinds of information were collected by Meta without parental consent, in violation of several US federal laws that would have gotten the company into trouble.

The fines Meta will face will be individual and could be as high as $50,120 per minor when it is proven that the company was collecting profile information from these profiles knowing they were minors.

According to information that emerged from the lawsuit, Meta employees and executives were fully aware of what was happening on Instagram. “Teenagers want access to Instagram and they lie about their age to get it,” confirmed Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram, in an internal chat with the company.

And this is not the only message obtained from internal emails or chats that confirms Meta’s knowledge of millions of minors on Instagram. In short, Mita finds herself in a sticky situation and has a future that includes sitting in the dock awaiting a multi-million dollar sentence.

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