Study Reveals Only Elderly People in Japan Use Android
December 6, 2023

Study Reveals Only Elderly People in Japan Use Android

It seems that in countries that are global powers there is a belief that Android phones are for older people. Recent studies have revealed that in the United States and South Korea, iPhones are the most used phones among teenagers. Now research has been published confirming that this trend also exists in Japan.

That’s right, he was released Japanese Mobile Device Research Institute MMDLabo Official results of a survey of over 40,000 Japanese men and women. This study found that only older people use the Android system in Japan and that its use is extremely rare among young people.

The first interesting fact revealed by this research is that there is no superiority between the use of Android phones and iPhones if the entire population interviewed is taken into consideration. This is because the study found that the Android phone usage rate is 49.7%, while the iPhone usage rate is 50%. The remaining 0.3% represents other unspecified operating systems.

Now, things are changing when you consider cell phone usage by age group. In this section very large percentage differences were found. For starters, more than 80% of young women between the ages of 10 and 29 use an iPhone. A similar prevalence, above 70%, was recorded among male participants of the same age group.

However, after the age of 40, Android phones start to be used more than iPhones. While the advantage isn’t as strong among 20-year-olds as the iPhone, among men over 60 the difference is significant, with up to 62.4% using Android.

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