Now you can send self-destructing photos and videos on WhatsApp for PC
November 14, 2023

Now you can send self-destructing photos and videos on WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp PC users can now send fleeting photos, which “self-destruct” after being viewed. A year ago the messaging application eliminated the function of sending and viewing such photos and videos on your PC, but now part of it has returned and it is now possible to send them.

The method for sending self-destructing photos via WhatsApp to a computer is very similar to regular photos. All we have to do is open the chat, click on the clip to send a photo and choose the photo we want to send. Once selected, we will click on the circle with the number “1” inside and send the photo. You can send ephemeral images in individual and group chats, and the process is the same for videos.

The person who receives it will not be able to open it from the computer, except via their mobile phone. This is because there are easy ways to take a screenshot on a computer, which is not easy on a mobile phone, although it is also possible to save ephemeral images by photographing them with another phone. Therefore, if the recipient is using a computer, they will see a message stating that they can only view the image on their phone.

This feature is now available and has reached a large number of users. However, not everyone can send ephemeral photos from a computer, as the update that allows this is not rolled out to 100% of users at the same time. If you still can’t, check if you have the latest version of WhatsApp for PC and if not, update it. If you still can’t, don’t worry, you will be able to do it as soon as possible, the feature has not yet arrived on your account.

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