Newji.. the new application that allows you to create your own emojis using artificial intelligence
November 13, 2023

Newji.. the new application that allows you to create your own emojis using artificial intelligence

The first emojis were created in 1999, when Japanese Shigitaka Kurita designed a package containing 176 emojis, measuring 12 x 12 pixels, commissioned by the telephone company NTT Docomo. However, emojis only appeared on all platforms just over a decade ago, arriving on Apple in 2011 and Android two years later. Today, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, we can create our own emojis.

A few years ago, you would have thought your mom would never use emojis… but here she is, constantly sending crying laughing faces. In fact, according to Unicode, an international character coding system designed to make it easier for computers to process text in many languages, today 92% of the world’s population uses emojis to communicate.

With over 3,600 emojis built into Meta’s most popular messaging platform, there are practically as many emojis as we can imagine, so much so that it’s sometimes difficult to know what emojis mean on WhatsApp.

The curious world of emojis takes another step forward with the arrival of Newji, an app that allows you to unleash your creativity and create your own emojis through artificial intelligence. Its operation is very intuitive, since all you have to do is type your idea in the floating text that appears on the home page, directly in the empty space left between “Create (…) an emoji”.

The more specific the message, the greater the chance of success of your creation, although it is not allowed to exceed 500 characters. If you don’t like the result, you can ask the application to try again via the “Restart” button.

Of course, keep in mind that it only offers 20 free attempts, and when they run out you’ll have two options to continue using the app: watch a 30-second ad to get credit, aka one try, or pay to get more.

Another feature of Newji is that, in addition to producing emojis from the app itself, you can also generate them directly from iMessage or WhatsApp, which is very convenient to avoid having to import emojis from one platform to another. It is only available for iPhone users, as you will be required to update your operating system to iOS 17 if you want to add it to these apps.

– Application link: Newji

– For Android phones, you can use this application that we explained not long ago: Using this application, you can create millions of personal emojis.

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