Microsoft launches 5 courses on artificial intelligence that you can attend for free. Link
November 16, 2023

Microsoft launches 5 courses on artificial intelligence that you can attend for free. Link

There are not many people in the world who have not yet fallen into the clutches of artificial intelligence, whether through the famous ChatGPT or other tools based on this system. If you feel a little lost in this topic, or if you want to expand your knowledge on this topic, don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for the free artificial intelligence courses launched by Microsoft.

Rony Rahman, expert on technological news and advice for developers, shared the new courses from Bill Gates’ company through his account X (@heyronir). This is a good opportunity to experience first-hand what could be the biggest technological revolution of recent times, and without having to spend a cent.

Microsoft is not the only company that has decided to bet on artificial intelligence courses, as Harvard University offers courses on artificial intelligence that you can also attend for free and online. Below is a list of Microsoft courses.

Introduction to artificial intelligence

The Introduction to AI course is aimed at executives and students who want to start understanding the basic concepts of the world of artificial intelligence. Once you pass the course, which includes an exam, you will receive a diploma signed by NASBA, the National Association of State Accountants.

– What is generative artificial intelligence?

If you want to gain knowledge about generative artificial intelligence, there is nothing better than doing it with expert Pinar Seyhan Demirda─č. A course that will teach you what it is, how it works, how to create your own content, the different types of models, future predictions and the ethical implications.

– Generative AI: the evolution of thoughtful online search

This course on generative AI aligns slightly with the previous one, but in this case covers the development of online speculative search. You will learn how to improve searching and sharing information online, or in other words, the difference between ChatGPT and traditional search engines, such as Google and Bing.

– Simplifying your work with Microsoft Bing Chat

Although chatbots are banned in many companies and schools to make work easier for employees and students, the truth is that they are a very powerful productivity tool. From LinkedIn Team Coach Jess Stratton, you’ll learn how to effectively use Microsoft Bing Chat, a chat system that specializes in dialogue.

– Ethics in the era of generative artificial intelligence

Our Ethics in the Age of Generative AI course will teach you how to address ethical concerns when implementing these tools and products into your life. Expert Vilas Dhar will help you prepare your board to manage AI risks and opportunities, among other things.

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