Make your Windows taskbar stand out by adding dividers between icons
November 14, 2023

Make your Windows taskbar stand out by adding dividers between icons

Accessing a shortcut in the taskbar is much faster than anywhere else, so you’ll find yourself placing a lot of icons for your important programs in the taskbar, which will cause the icons to pile up next to each other. Therefore, in this post, we will learn a simple step that allows you to organize the taskbar by adding dividers between each of them. A set of program icons of your choice.

This feature does not exist in Windows, so we will trick Windows by adding fake icons that act as a separator between each group, and this is the only available method that we currently know of. Download this little program, “Separator”, specially designed to act as a separator between taskbar icons in Windows 7, 10 or 11, then unzip it. Create a shortcut from the Separator.exe file so that it can be placed on the taskbar by right-clicking the file and dragging it slightly in any direction, then release it until a pop-up menu appears from which you can choose Create links here After creating the shortcut, give a blank name by copying this letter in brackets (‎ ) and enter it into the name field, then press Enter to confirm the name

Add the Pin shortcut to the taskbar by right-clicking it and then selecting Pin to taskbar

To add a second and third separator as desired, create a new copy of the Separator.exe file with a different name, then create a shortcut to the new copy and pin it to the taskbar.

Then drag the separator and place it anywhere to make all similar programs work together or as you want

– a tool Separator

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