How much does an OpenAI engineer earn?  These are the exorbitant salaries they receive
December 3, 2023

How much does an OpenAI engineer earn? These are the exorbitant salaries they receive

It’s already been a week since the start of one of the year’s most intense TV series in the tech industry: Last weekend, OpenAI’s board of directors decided to remove Sam Altman as CEO, citing a “loss of trust .” “ From this point on there was a flurry of moves within and outside the company, culminating in Altman signing with Microsoft (or so we thought) and returning to the position of CEO of OpenAI .

In the midst of this process occurred a decisive move for the return of Altman to the post of CEO and the joint resignation of a large part of the Board of Directors: the threat of more than 500 employees of the company to leave their positions if they done and finally the CEO was reinstated and changes were made to the board of directors.

Now, several days have passed since that moment and the situation seems much calmer, a report has emerged revealing the salaries of some OpenAI workers who were about to refuse to leave the company after the firing of Sam Altman.

The report, prepared by analytics firm, shows that salaries of engineers specializing in AI are generally between 8 and 12.5 percent higher than salaries of any other engineer who does not focus on the field.

The most common salary range for an engineering position is between $200,000 and $370,000 per year, according to offers currently posted on Company website.

If we consider other more specialized jobs, the range rises to between $300,000 and $450,000 per year. But it must be kept in mind that these figures do not include incentives or stock bonuses, which according to known data could increase these figures up to $800,000 per year in the case of an annual base salary of $300,000.

Analysts explain that today there is a very small group of professionals with the skills needed to do the work required by companies like OpenAI, and the departure of more than 500 employees from the company was a disaster for the company.

For those looking to build a career in AI, analysts also explain that there is a very important difference between understanding AI models on a theoretical level and having the knowledge, experience and skills to apply them, which makes OpenAI employees more valuable to the company. company, and the company’s board of directors doesn’t want to… Risk losing them. Especially when companies like Microsoft are more than willing to pay whatever they ask for their employees to be part of.

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